It was one of those weekends where you feel like you’ve got no one to talk to, either because you don’t want to bother them, or you feel as though they are just ignoring you. Douchebag brain makes me think all my friends hate me.

After watching the newest episodes, I got obsessed with drawing these guys. I wanna make more but I don’t know what to do.

After watching the newest episodes, I got obsessed with drawing these guys. I wanna make more but I don’t know what to do.


Where Disney movies are set

This is wrong. I tried ignoring it but I couldn’t. Cinderella is set in England, not France. 

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Type these words into the search bar on your iTunes and list the first song that appears in the results.

happy: Get Happy- House
love: Somebody to Love- Anne Hathaway
hate: All the Haters Wanna Be Me- Froggy Fresh formally Krispe Kreme
light: Bright Lights, Bigger City- Cee-lo Green
dark: Dance In The Dark - Lady Gaga
good: As If We Never Said Goodbye- Glee
bad: Bad - Glee
smile: Got Put A Smile on Your Face - Coldplay
cry: Big Girls Don’t Cry- Glee
girl: All the Pretty Girls- fun.
boy: Baby Boy- Beyonce
sad: At Least Im Not as SAd (As I Used To Be)- fun.
lost: Lost in the Echo- Linkin Park
night: All Night Long- Demi Lovato
day: Another Day- Rent
wolf: Rio/Hungry Like A Wolf - Glee
robot: I Am Not A Robot - Marina & the Diamonds
dance: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie. 
time: Always Running Out Of Time - Motion ity Soundtrack
life: All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) - Ke$ha (oops)
death: Death of an Interior Decorator - Death Cab for Cutie

I haven’t re blogged anything in awhile, but I couldn’t resist. 

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My submissions for Mr. BLOM’s Ramona Style contest! In the spirit of friendly competition I wanted to only submit one, but making choices is hard, haha and Facebook voting didn’t help. So here are my 3 submissions! 3 different color choices. Let me know which ones you guys like more!

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as lif goes on..

As life goes on I start to realize that i hate people. Like reeeeaaaly hate people. specifically all the assholes and bitches that i called my friends in high schools. The ones who i stuck my neck out for on a daily basis, only to be forgotten about and left behind. What’s the point of making friends if you cant find any loyal ones. Fuck the world.


Thanks for including me. I feel so involved and wanted. Good to know that I didnt even need to show up on this God forsaken trip.